Saturday, March 7, 2009


For Immediate Release

Contact: James C. Farber
(313) 881-8069

Grosse Pointe, Michigan; March 5, 2009: James C. Farber, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the American Staffing Assurance Company (ASAC) announced the creation of the ASAC Center for Staffing Excellence (CSE). Located in Troy, Michigan the Center for Staffing Excellence will be devoted to educational courses and programs designed to serve the staffing industry throughout the United States and Canada. ASAC is committed to being the "trusted advisor" to the staffing industry. To this end, the center piece of the course offerings will be developmental sessions entitled “You as a Trusted Advisor.” These sessions, along with courses in Communication Skills, Listening Skills and Management Training will be available to agents and staffing companies who are certified by ASAC and dedicated to the principals of excellence which distinguish ASAC from its competitors. The CSE will offer courses in May, September and November during 2009.

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About American Staffing Assurance Company:

The American Staffing Assurance Company program exists to partner with staffing firms that strive to be the “Best of the Best.” The unique ASAC “Product Follows the Process” methodology allows ASAC and its Exclusive Agents to provide consultative services to staffing firms at the highest corporate level, facilitating sound business decisions that contemplate a comprehensive understanding of the “Ultimate Cost of Risk” associated with those decisions. Over time, this “Aligned Interests” partnership allows ASAC insureds to consistently reduce their ultimate cost of risk, in a never-ending quest to achieve the lowest ultimate cost of risk possible.


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